Alumni Fellows

Jane Berrill

Jane Berrill was an Interdisciplinary major at Amherst College. Her interests include democratic theory, aesthetics, and critical geography. At Amherst, she worked on a research project investigating place the city and the stranger in the political imaginary.

Athri Ranganathan

Athri Ranganathan graduated from Amherst College with bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Athri’s senior thesis was on alternative forms of education, a dance between the experiences of students and teachers and the writings of workers and philosophers. Poetry, music, and food are among the engagements that he enjoys. Athri aspires to be an ignorant schoolmaster one day, though he will settle with being a university professor.

Samuel Rosenblum

Samuel graduated from Amherst College, focusing in political and critical theory. He wrote his senior honors thesis with Professor Thomas Dumm on jokes, comedy, and democratic theory. Sam explored the ways in which humor provides valuable tools to interrogate and critique contemporary political orders and provide a genre or form on which to conceive radical, egalitarian democracy. As an Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Research Fellow, he also worked with Professor Andrew Poe, exploring suicide politics, modes of resistance, and intersubjectivity.

Arthur Roski

Arthur Roski graduated as a Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought major at Amherst college, His areas of interest include political theology, architecture, legal theory, and psychoanalysis (especially its early appropriation in “Freudo-Marxism”). When he is not in a productive mood, he may be found cataloging music media on, and contributing to, various online databases.